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Stretch with Flexistretcher to improve your flexibility and strength.


New year new me

Visit our BLOG for some super simple pre-pointe exercises you can do for strengthening your ankles and increase the range of mobility you’ll need to dance on pointe. You might be surprised at how easy they really are!

Visit our blog for some pre-pointe exercises.

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Product Focus - SUPER stretchy Top

Complete your dance-class outfit with the long-sleeved body-pop top from Mondor. Available in three flattering colours, this super-stretchy top is made of a microfibre knit that will keep you cosy while looking your best. 

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Warming up or cooling down? Do it in style in the cute and comfy collection ...

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You’ve worked, you’ve waited: it’s finally time!

Don’t be your fitting appointment here and find your perfect pointe shoe.



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