Meet Meagan Hoare; professional dancer and social media entrepreneur. Meagan is a busy lady and we're excited to work together this year. Learn more about Meagan below and shop her stunning photoshoot looks.

Tell us a little bit about your dance training so far: Where and when you started out? Where you have trained and worked?

Like many, I was taken to my first ballet class at 3 years old and I instantly fell in love. What little girl (or boy) wouldn’t love to pretend to be a princess with ‘magic’ nail polish on? Originally, I trained in Cape Town, South Africa before moving to Dublin at the age of 11. Shortly after moving, I started dancing with Debbie Allen School of Dance and the Irish National Youth Ballet. At 18 I was offered a full scholarship to attend the Northern Ballet School in the U.K. where I completed my vocational training over 3 years on the classical course. I was exposed to many different styles including Jazz, Contemporary, Choreography, Tap and Commercial. Before the pandemic hit I took a month off working and attended classes at Broadway Dance Centre and Steps in New York. A common mistake we as dancers assume is that once we graduate we leave college as the ‘finished product’. It is so important even now after working for 4 years in the industry to continue to grow and to take time to nurture your craft.

Work-wise I have been very lucky to have been working consistently over the last 4 years all over the world. I have been fortunate enough to work with Norwegian Cruise Lines for several years as dance and aerial captain as well as with La Bouche Showgirls as dance captain. Recently, I also had the chance to try my hand working on the ‘other side of the table’ as Assistant Lightning Designer for a brand new production; taking the phrase of being a ‘versatile dancer’ to the extreme!


What has been your favourite dance-related moment in your career so far?

For me, it is extremely hard to pinpoint just one moment where I felt proud in my craft. Every job I have taken has taught me so much and was a significant part of my journey. One moment which truly stands out to me was on my last ship contract. We were visited by one of the choreographers while onboard and I had the opportunity to shadow her as she took inventory of the set, costumes and worked on any technical issues. From initially performing the show on my first contract to being dance captain and standing on stage, calling out the choreo, while helping to timestamp the lights for the show it was a ‘pinch me’ moment. I could see how far I had come; from being that naive girl at 21 going to rehearsals not even owning a pair of heels and being taught how to strut the first day by the boys!


Did you get up to any interesting dance projects during lockdown?

Lockdown definitely bought its own challenges. I moved back to Dublin and tried not to consume everything in the fridge! My goal was to seize the opportunity to train with choreographers worldwide. My favourite classes were Josh Assor’s as well as Nicholas Palmquist. During lockdown, I also created Word of Mouth Industry; a social media platform allowing artists to connect, network and most importantly to educate one another. Within 3 months we interviewed over 40+artists as well as collaborating with two production companies (in Europe and Australia) in our ‘PowHer to Change’ workshop. We raised money and awareness for Women's Aid: fighting against those who had been victims of domestic abuse during Covid. Creatively along with a few friends, I also took time to conceptualise a new production, which I hope to bring to Ireland in the next few years. Who knows? Maybe if we hit another lockdown we might have a full-fledged production on our hands!


Why did you decide to apply for the ambassador programme?

Growing up, like many, I used to shop at Dance World. I even bought my first pair of pointe shoes from Dance World! I have followed the Dance World ambassador search as it has gained huge traction over the years. I have admired the inclusive community it aims to create amongst the different dance styles in Ireland. I applied this year (not thinking I would get it) to be involved and integrate more into the dance community in Ireland. One of my goals for my career in dance is to create jobs and opportunities for young artists in Ireland. Ireland is flooded with talent but those dancers chose to go abroad after completing their training. The photoshoots and clothing promotion are an added bonus to this whole experience.


What one piece of advice would you like to give to younger/aspiring dancers who are just starting out?

My advice is never limit yourself. Be it picking where to train (look further afield than the UK) or what styles you choose to train in. Know that hard work can trump talent. Work hard, be a nice person and don’t beat yourself up by focusing on the imperfections. Remember, all we are doing is ‘making musicals’ so revel in the joy that dancing brings you.


What do you hope to achieve career-wise this year?

With all the uncertainty that this year has brought to the entertainment industry, my main goal is to be happy. I intend to enjoy this time I have been given with family and friends, explore myself as an individual aside from dancing and to keep training. We are just in intermission right now so as soon as Act 2 beginners are announced you bet I will be ready, more prepared than I ever was and rearing to go!


What is your favourite Dance World product?

I chose those leggings in my first photoshoot for a reason! Right now I am in love with the Bloch stirrup leggings. High-waisted and accentuates your leg line? What more could a girl want?!


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