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Can I buy Gift Vouchers ?

Yes. We sell gift cards here for use on our online store. These vouchers can ONLY be used online.

We also sell gift cards in our stores for use in stores only. These can be loaded with an amount of your choice and redeemed in either store. 

How do I buy an online voucher?

Gift Vouchers are sent electronically on the date you (the purchaser) specify to the email address given. If you are sending a voucher as a gift please ensure that you enter the email address of the recipient. Payment for the gift voucher will be charged upon purchase, not on the date of issue and are valid for 12 months from issue. The value of the gift voucher is your choice. The gift voucher will be allocated to the recipient's account in the form of e-wallet credit, which can be redeemed at the final stage of the checkout.

Do I need to have a Dance World account to use my voucher?


If the recipient of a voucher does not already have an online account with our site, they will have to create an account using the email address the voucher was delivered to. Use the link in the email to set up your account. The funds can then be added to the E-wallet. To add a pending voucher to your e-wallet you will need to log into your Dance World account, browse to the "My Vouchers" section and click on the "Add to e-wallet" option. You will have the option to redeem the funds against the cost of purchases in the basket. 

Can I use my online gift voucher in a Dance World store?

No. Unfortunately, online gift vouchers can be used online only and store gift vouchers can be used in stores only. 

An online gift voucher adds credit to your E-wallet in your Dance World account that can be redeemed when placing an order online. A store gift voucher is a physical card that is redeemed at a till point in-store. 

How do I redeem an online voucher?

1. Yay! You have received an email from Dance World, you have an online voucher! There is a link in this email. Click this link.

2. Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the Dance World website.

3. Next, you will need to log into your account. If you do not have an account you will need to set one up using the email address your voucher was sent to.

4. Once you have logged in, browse to the "Your Gift Vouchers" section of your profile. This will open "My Vouchers" and show you if you have any pending vouchers.

5. If there is a voucher pending you must click on "Add to e-wallet", this will credit your e-wallet with the value of the voucher.

6. When placing an order, at the Payment stage of Checkout you will have the option to use your e-wallet funds to pay for your order. Select "Use e-wallet". Complete your order.


Do you have sales?

Absolutely, keep an eye on our Instagram Page to make sure you keep up to date with all information including new styles, sales, promotions and competitions.

Ambassador search?

Once a year we run a search competition and chose three dancers to represent our brand on social media as our official ambassadors. The search takes place during July and August and the ambassador term runs from September to June. Keep an eye on our social media pages to follow our current ambassadors and find out when applications open for next year's search.

Can I buy Pointe shoes online?

We do not sell pointe shoes online. We believe, above all, in safe dance practice and that means having pointe shoes fitted correctly by professionally trained fitters. We fit pointe shoes in stores by appointment. 

Do you open on Bank Holidays?

Unfortunately, no. We generally close on bank holidays. Keep an eye on our social media pages for up-to-date information about last-minute opening hours. 

The item I need is out of stock

If the product you need is out of stock keep checking back, some of our items do come back in. Alternatively, give us a call and we can let you know for sure when the item will be available again.

What is the best way to figure out shoe size?

All sizes listed on our website are UK sizes. As some dance shoes fit quite differently to each other, each individual product has a sizing recommendation in the Product Details section. The easiest way to pick the correct size will be to find a pair of your own shoes that fits well, check what size these shoes are (in UK size) and then follow the "Fit" advice in the Product Details section.

What is the best way to figure out tights size?

We've got handy size guides available from each of our tights suppliers. They can be found on each product's page. In general these size guides are quite accurate but from personal experience (and personal preference) I always find my recommended size and then buy one size up from that. This may sound a little crazy but I am a member of the pulls-her-tights-up-to-her-ribs-brigade. I hate too-small tights that pull down constantly. My enemy is a pair of tights that I can't pull up without ripping so I always go a little bigger than I SHOULD need just to be safe.

If you're worried that they'll be saggy and baggy on your legs, don't be. Just make sure to buy a microfibre tight. Microfibre dance tights are super stretchy but also super clingy. They'll hug your legs snuggly and could even sculpt a delicate calf into swing-set pole.

Can I try tights on in stores?

Unfortunately, No. Tights are like underwear so for hygiene reasons you will not be able to try tights on in stores.

I have ordered the wrong tights online. Can I return them?

Yes you can return tights to us once they are exactly as sold. You must not open the packet or wear the tights (this includes trying-on). Tights will arrive to you with a security seal sticker on the pack. Once this is broken the tights can not be returned.

I think my tights are faulty, what should I do?

Sometimes manufacturers make mistakes and there are faults in clothing. If you believe something you have purchased is faulty please tell us as soon as possible. You will need to bring the item into one of our stores for inspection or email us photographs of the fault. If we determine a genuine fault, we will replace your tights. A common fault would be a stitching error at seams and/or gussets leaving holes.