Pointe Of Reinvention

Elektra - Discover a new generation of pointe shoes.

A new age of pointe shoes has dawned. After three years of development So Danca has revealed their newest creation: Elektra. Their goal was to create a pointe shoe that could be instantly ready-to-wear, requiring no break-in period; a streamlined pointe shoe without drawstrings, seams or bagginess; a customizable pointe shoe that can be tailored to the individual dancer to minimize injury and maximize control and durability. Launching in Ireland this October, exclusively in Dance World stores, the Elektra shoe has captured our attention! Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates!


Interchangeable shanks allow you to control

the support for each foot. From barre

to centre and Giselle to Paquita, it has you covered.


Eliminating seams, bindings and casings provides

the cleanest and sleekest lines to your pointe work.


No break-in required! This takes stress off your body.

Immediate roll through to demi-pointe

relieves pressure on your Achilles.