What’s in my dance-bag: Zoë Ashe-Browne

We asked professional dancer Zoë Ashe Browne to share some of her secrets with us. Zoë is a dancer and choreographer from Dublin. She is currently dancing with Ballet Vlaanderen in Belgium. We want to know what she’s got in her dance-bag.

So Zoë, tell us what you carry around in your dance-bag on a normal studio day.

Water is the number one essential. My refillable flask is my lifesaver. I try to count how many times in a day I’ve re-filled it. I use about 4 leotards per working day which might seem excessive. But with how much we work and come into contact with one another it’s necessary. I love wearing my So Danca leotards as they’re ideal for partnering, flattering and comfortable. My current favourite is the RDE-2024, the peach colour is just perfection. 

I’m not a big skirt wearer so you will usually see me in shorts and socks. I normally steal my boyfriend’s socks. They’re big and comfortable and they’re great for floor work or even to start barre off with. I’m sure dance teachers wouldn’t be happy that I’m saying that! 

Other than that it’s really normal stuff, my iPhone, purse, house keys and probably some gum! 

Any secret weapons you always keep with you for emergencies?

I almost always have a tub of Second Skin in my bag for my feet. I tend to get a lot of big toenail and bunion pain, so Second Skin is such a comfort on long days. Of course, I’ll have some snacks in my dance-bag and they really vary. Usually a protein bar, a banana or something quick and easy to eat. 

Is there anything different you bring for performances?

For performances, I don’t really have anything in my bag. They give us all a big black box each to fill up with essentials. These boxes are then transported by the technicians to the theatre for us. It’s such a luxury. 

So how does your dance bag compare to Zoë’s? Leave us a comment and let us know what you just can’t leave home without! If you need a hot new dance-bag, be sure to check out So Danca’s fabulous collection of bags here.

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