What’s in my Dance-Bag: Nancy Osbaldeston

What does pro dancer Nancy have in her dance-bag

We asked professional dancer Nancy Osbaldeston to share some of her pro secrets with us. Nancy is currently dancing with Ballet Vlaanderen in Belgium. Today we find out what she’s got in her dance-bag.

So Nancy, what do you like to have in your dance-bag for a normal studio day?

So, in my dance bag, I usually have a lot of different things. I always have at least one pair of pointe shoes (I wear Bloch), along with some homemade toepads. I make my toepads out of cut-up regular socks. Flatties (flat ballet shoes) are another essential! The So Danca SD 16 are fab so they’ll be in there. I also always have kneepads and a spare pair of socks too.

Any other accessories you tend to have close to hand?

Yes. So I always have hairpins and a re-usable bottle of water. I like to have a theraband with me too. It’s great to be able to stretch out my muscles when I have a minute. I also have two tennis balls in a sock that I use for rolling out muscles. Another rolling out device is my rubber egg (which looks exactly like a real egg. Our days are long so we need to be in good shape all day.

Anything you can’t live without?

Actually, yes! I always have some Second-skin, hypafix tape and scissors in case of cuts and blisters. They can be your best friend in an emergency!
what's in professional ballerina dance-bag

So how does your dance bag compare to Nancy’s? Is there anything she has mentioned that is a necessity for you too? Let us know what you have in your dance-bag in the comments below. If you’re on the hunt for a fab new dance-bag don’t forget to check out our fab collection of dance bags here.

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