Virtual Dance Class to the rescue

We’re all a little thrown by the current pandemic and resulting lockdown. To comply with social distancing rules everyone has been forced to relocate to home and some families are going to find that harder than others! Parents with small, energetic kids must be beginning to despair trying to find activities to occupy their kids while they work. In the interest of public safety gyms and dance studios are all closed down. If your kids regularly attend dance studios after school and you’re wondering what to do with them now, fear not! Loads of dance schools have devised ingenious ways to continue teaching. How does a virtual dance class sound?


Dance teachers are broadcasting their virtual dance classes on Zoom and Instagram live to stay connected to their students. Check your dance and exercise classes social media accounts or contact them directly to see if they’re taking part in the new trend of online classes. Dance World will be sharing the information of as many schools running online classes as possible on our Instagram stories to help you find the perfect class for you and for your kids. I’ve put together a short list of a few great online classes for you here. 

Looking for yoga? #virtualyoga

  • Try Simone Walsh is running weekly live yoga classes using Zoom Cloud Meetings “to keep everyone’s mind and body healthy at this time.” Message her to book your spot.
  • Joga Yoga has some great yoga classes for kids and families. They’re doing live classes on Facebook so join them for a little break.
  • Read our post all about lockdown yoga here.

Need some dance?

  • Dublin City Ballet School has classes for adults, kids and kids with additional needs. They’re running their virtual classes through Zoom too so shoot them a message to book your spot.
  • Base Dance Studios are posting timetables every day letting us know what they’ve got going on. Their timetables include all the teachers who regularly teach with them who will now be offering classes online via various platforms. You can follow their personal pages (in the timetables) for all the information you’ll need to join!
  • WTA Dance Studio have loads of online classes on for kids. From stretching to dance they’re doing amazing live & interactive classes. Contact them for the deets. They’re also being so generous and allowing other teachers to use their fantastic studio for recording classes and content during this scary time. Contact them directly if you’d like to take them up on this offer.
  • The McDermott School of Ballet has hopped on the Band Wagon too, moving all their classes to Zoom.
  • Don’t forget about YouTube. When it comes to great at-home workouts, YouTube is inspiration queen. Check out Kathryn Morgan, Ballet Conrad, The Balanced Ballerina, Yoga with Adriene
  • More to come here guys…stay tuned!

Remember, social distancing only needs to be physical!

We are all doing our best to practice social distancing to keep each other safe. But it’s so important to remember that social distancing need only mean physical distance. Humans are social creatures and we must stay connected. This means call your mam and chat like you normally would, ring your granny and talk her through how to use Skype or FaceTime, help your kids to email their teachers to tell them their stories.

There are so many ways to stay connected with the people in our lives despite social distancing. If you usually have a moan with a coworker every morning why stop now? Send them a message; I’m sure they miss the chats as much as you do! If you go for coffee with your gals after yoga each week there’s no need to stop now. Try a virtual dance class on Zoom altogether from your separate sitting rooms and then schedule a call on House Party, Facebook or Skype while you drink those coffees and catch up (almost) as normal. 

Just remember, if you’re dancing at home, make sure to be safe. Ensure you’re following videos and instructions that are designed for doing at home. Think about the floor you’re working on too. Concrete and tiled floors offer no shock absorption and are hard as hell on your body. Make sure to be sensible, realistic and careful with yourselves.

Stay connected and stay safe

Have you found an amazing virtual dance class we should all try? Do you know of a way to stay connected that I haven’t mentioned? Let us know on Instagram if you’ve got a #quarantineclass to share. If you need any dancewear for these classes, Dance World Online is still dispatching orders.

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