Veganuary in the dance studio

Veganuary is the world’s largest vegan movement, inspiring people to try veganism for 31 days. Veganuary challenges us to reduce our negative impact on the planet by cutting out the use of animal-based products. We may not be able to save the world overnight, but we can be conscious consumers, aware of what we spend our money on, how we use our power and what example we set for others. Dance World is moving towards a more sustainable future and here are a few pointers for how you can reduce waste and adapt Veganuary into your everyday routine as a dancer.

1. Cut out single-use plastic water bottles

Let’s start out with something easy, a little swaperoo.

A quick quiz for you all…

  1. Do you generally drink lots of water and stay hydrated in the studio? 
  2. Do you bring a bottle of water with you to the studio? 
  3. Is that bottle plastic?

If you answered yes to question 1 then yay you! If you also answered yes to question 2 double yay you! But how many of you answered yes to question 3?? Boooooo! While it’s vitally important for athletes to stay hydrated, it’s also vital for us to consider the impact we are having on our surroundings. Grab a reusable bottle for your gym and studio sessions. Most studios have a tap or fountain where you will be able to refill your new workout buddy! We have some super cute water bottles available in Dance World right now! Shop online or in stores.

2. We’ve got Vegan alternatives to your favourite dance shoes!

Yep, you heard that right, Dance World now offers several Vegan alternatives to top-selling styles of dance shoes! Trail-blazing dancewear brand So Danca has made our absolute favourite (and currently bestselling in Ireland) ballet shoes vegan. The famous SD16 canvas shoes are now available with a suede-alternative sole. Same goes for the bullet half-shoes for contemporary dance, and the brand new Elektra pointe shoes have been developed completely vegan! Shop these alternatives online or in either of our stores today!

3. Pimp out your caffeine hit!

If like me you find it a little tricky to get going in the morning without that coffee, make sure you’re bringing your reusable cup with you. Many coffee shops in Dublin offer discounts for keep-cups and they are hella cute! Double-score alert here: why not ask for plant-based milk when you’re ordering? Soy, Almond, Coconut and Oat milk are becoming widespread as milk alternatives in Dublin. Let’s not forget Veganuary people! You’ll feel saintly arriving at the studio and putting on those new vegan dance shoes while sipping that vegan Cappucino, mark my words.

4. Studio snacks anyone?

Dancing uses a lot of energy and you need to keep your strength up. Do you find yourself constantly snacking on the way to the studio, in the studio, on the way home from the studio? Why not replace plastic-wrapped snacks with fruits like apples, bananas and oranges. They’ll deliver that sugar boost when you need it and bonus points: zero plastic waste!

5. A dance bag is for life, not just for Christmas…

Why not invest in one of Dance World’s brand new canvas drawstring bags? Light as a feather and easy to fold up in your dance bag for emergencies. Need to grab some food on the go? A canvas bag is the perfect snack-holder. Want to keep stinky dance shoes away from your clean clothes in your dance bag? This little canvas number will help segregate your gear! It’s always good to have a spare bag up your sleeve so you never have to cave and use an evil plastic bag in an emergency! This one has the added bonus of being good value, easy to clean, handy to carry and super cute! Grab yours here!

We hope you’ll make some positive changes this year as we all move towards a more sustainable future. For more dance inspiration check out our social media pages and we wish you a happy, healthy 2020! Many thanks to our vegan consultant Anna Brennan, senior staff member here at Dance World Online and dancer with Fly Dance Dublin.

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