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Check out the recent Dance World collaboration with The College of Dance

The purpose of this collaboration was to highlight and support the fantastic talent we have right here at The College of Dance!

The students of The College of Dance are in the process of auditioning for vocational schools to continue their dance training. As part of our collaboration, Dance World put together a portfolio shoot with the dancers and will also be sponsoring the college’s performance outfits for Perform 2020. These outfits are from the latest Sara Mearns collection by So Danca!

Want to pursue a career in dance? The College of Dance could be the place for you!

Founded in 1990, The College of Dance is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading dance colleges providing full-time, professional dance and performing arts training. The College’s two-year course provides an intensive education in all aspects of dance studies required by those aiming to pursue a career as a professional dancer.

At The College of Dance, students will study classical ballet, pointe work, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, tap, pilates and vocal studies not to mention dance history, anatomy and nutrition. The college also offers shorter Transition Year dance training programmes.

With over 30 hours of training per week with highly qualified, expert teachers; workshops with guest performers and choreographers; and many performance opportunities each year The College of Dance could be your next stop if you want to pursue a career in performance.

Artistic director Samantha Lyons, an alumna of The College of Dance herself, chatted to us about her career as a contemporary dancer, how she made her way back to the same college she studied at and the strengths and the work ethic she wants to instil in her students. A mixture of tough love and a little TLC seems to be Sam’s secret recipe for success: she has her students running meticulously to schedule but still makes time to be present for their first photoshoot. She’s also there to advise on their headshot selections; demonstrating the one-on-one training and support that is provided at The College of Dance.

Many College of Dance students are already in the process of auditioning for vocational schools to continue their dance training. Dance World is sponsoring the college’s performance outfits for Perform 2020. We thought it would be interesting to pop in for a photoshoot with them; see how they are preparing for audition season and what plans these future dancers have. 

Spotlight on: Rachael Stephens, 19, 2nd year

Rachael is lining up lots of auditions and is hoping to train vocationally in the UK. She has a spot at Mireya but is still weighing up her options. She wants to perform and maybe get into choreography.

Top Audition Tips: Relax and still your mind. Treat it like a normal class and just do your best.

Dance Role Models: Michael Jackson & Stephen McRae

Wearing a So Danca leotard and footless tights.

Spotlight on: Emma Murphy, 16, 2nd year

Emma loves doing what she loves all day surrounded by friends! She intends to start auditioning next year once she has her A levels in the bag!

Emma can’t wait to get on the stage. She intends to study Musical Theatre and she has her eye on a spot at Laine Theatre Arts.

Top Audition Tips: Number one is confidence but mostly try and relax, be yourself and be your true self.

Emma’s Role Models: Bernadette Peters & Gwen Verdon

Emma is wearing a So Danca leotard and split-soled tap shoes.

Spotlight on: Caolan Reilly, 21, 1st year

Caolan is an English and Geography graduate and was on track to become a teacher when he realised that it was dance he wanted to be teaching! He finished his degree and then enrolled at The College of Dance to pursue his dream.

He will do Musical Theatre auditions next year but becoming an inspirational dance teacher is his big plan!

Top Audition Tips: Don’t be afraid to show your individuality and put your own spin on the choreography.

Caolan’s Role Models: Paula Abdul, Fred Astaire, and his first dance teacher Aisling Toher!

Wearing a So Danca unitard.

Spotlight on: Jasmine Casey Farrell, 19, 2nd year.

With a background in Freestyle Disco, Jasmine says that The College of Dance helped her hone and develop her technique.

Jasmine’s not sure where she’s headed yet, she’s planning to do lots of auditions and see what opportunities arise.

Top Audition Tips: Confidence and getting in the right headspace are so key. Don’t let yourself get too in your head!

Jasmine’s Role Models: Her teachers, who have passed on so much valuable experience.

Wearing a So Danca leotard.

Spotlight on: Ciara Doogan Jones, 17, 2nd year.

Ciara has a place in Mireya for next year but is still auditioning for vocational dance schools in the UK. She’s got her eye on a spot at Rambert.

Her goal is to perform for as long as possible and then to move back home and set up her own dance school.

Top Audition Tips: Relax and don’t stress too much. Also, remember the importance of self-care; enough sleep, the right food and lots of water are so valuable.

Ciara is wearing a So Danca leotard and a Bloch tutu skirt.

If a career in dance or performance is your dream, contact the faculty of The College of Dance for more information. Start your application here, auditions for September 2020 intake will take place in February. Don’t forget to check The College of Dance out at Perform this year. Perform takes place in the RDS from February 29th to March 1st.

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