Sophia’s Summer Dance Plans

Hi everybody! How are you all getting on? Everything that’s going on right now with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown is pretty crazy, right? I hope you are all ok at home these days. Lot’s of you have been asking me what I’ve been up to during lockdown and if I’m still dancing and doing dance summer camps. Of course I am!

I’ll be honest with you all; I found it very hard at first. Like lots of you, I couldn’t go to school, so I was stuck at home and I couldn’t visit any of my friends. Sometimes I went to the shops with my dad and then visited Granny’s house, but we couldn’t even go inside! We had to talk to them from far away, which was really hard for Granda because he is a little bit deaf.

Lockdown Dancing

As a ballet dolly, my dancing is very important. Because I can’t go to dance classes I had lots of practising to do to make sure I didn’t get rusty. Every morning I go for a little walk in the garden to warm up my legs and then I do a ballet class. My teacher is working on Zoom so she can see us and chat with us but we can all stay in our own houses. It’s funny doing classes this way but it’s better than nothing! We are all getting used to dancing online It’s funny to dance by yourself but still be part of a class.

After that, I sit down to do some studying. I have read all about the history of ballet and I read the stories of lots of ballets too. Swan Lake is my favourite. In the afternoons I do even more ballet practice and some yoga too. My teacher says dancing is very important at this time and I think she’s right.

We watched the Bolshoi Ballet online doing the Nutcracker last week. It was funny seeing the Nutcracker at a time that isn’t Christmas. Northern Ballet also has some ballet films available. There are lots of companies and theatres putting their work online so that we can still enjoy dance from home. It can be so exciting, you still buy your tickets and arrive at the right time and then the show starts. Sometimes it’s s good that you forget you’re at home and not in a theatre!

Summer Dance Plans

I always do lots of dance summer camps over the summer but this year might be a little different. Lots of schools have had to cancel camps and courses. Lots more schools are still going to do dance camps but they might have to run a little bit differently. The Dance Institute and ITW are both doing two different types of courses this summer; one in-studio course and one online course. Starcamps, The Kate Buckley School of Dance, Watson Twin Academy, O’Hanlon School of Dance, The College of Dance and Dublin Stage School are also doing an in-studio summer course. More schools are continuing with teaching classes online. But book soon because spots are filling up fast!

I have to go now. I’m going to talk to my friends on Zoom. It’s nice to be able to see what everyone else is doing in their houses. I can’t wait to go back to Dance World, but until then you know where I’ll be! I’ll be Dancing at home!

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