Safe at home, not stuck at home

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing ok with all of the changes that have happened recently. I know I have felt quite overwhelmed by the whole situation. We have our good days and our bad days and that’s ok.

I live in the City Centre, in an apartment with just about enough space to roll out my yoga mat. So I thought it might be nice to share some ideas and tips with you to keep somewhat active & moving that I have benefitted from over the past few weeks.

There is so much available online. Niamh did her beautiful Ballet Barre class and Hannah brought us all through her intense daily routine (which my arms are still sore from). I think it’s extra important to support one another right now as we are all going through something.

I am by no means a personal trainer, but I have put together a list of exercises that make me feel good and you can do in a small space. All you need is your beautiful self and you’re good to go.

Exercises to do in a small space

  • Stairs

Living in an apartment means that there are lots of stairs. Put the headphones in and go up and down as many times as you can. At first, I could only do it for 1 song, now I can do it for 3. I am aiming for 5 songs next. Choose the stairs over the lift every time.

  • Burpees

Everyone hates that word but they work! You can adapt them to your own ability and work your way up to a full one. Start with 20 a day and then add on 5 every following day.

  • Plank

There are lots of different variations of plank. Figure out which one suits your body. Hold for as long as you can and time yourself. The next day try holding it for 10 seconds longer and the next and the next. Compete with yourself

  • Wall sit

We all have a wall and we can all sit. This really fires up my legs. Hold for as long as you can and time yourself. The next day try holding it for 10 seconds longer and the next and the next. Work for improvement.

  • Arms

Pick one song that gets you PUMPED. Mine is “Destination Calabria”. Put your arms out to second, and hold them out for the entire track. DO NOT let them drop, you can pulse forward, back, circle rotations. But do not drop them! Just embrace the burn. You could also make it more difficult for yourself by adding weights. I don’t own weights; I’ve been using anything I can find that’s heavy, but not too heavy because the song is almost 4 minutes long!

  • Social media

In the evenings I like to check who will be doing a live class the next morning. I mentally sign myself up for the class which means I have to be showered and dressed before the class starts. I find it helps me have some kind of structure for my day.

  • Walking

Some days I just go for a walk. Never underestimate the power of a walk outside; no headphones just you and your breath. It does wonders for your body and your head. (Just remember to stay within 2km of where you live).

  • Rest

Take this time to look after your body and your head. A lot of changes are happening and it’s ok to rest. If you have previous injuries, use this time to build up strength and focus on your recovery.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it has been helpful to at least one person. I’m very fond of a quote so I’ll leave this below.

‘Push yourself, Because no one else is going to do it for you”


Rach x

Many thanks to our brilliant ambassador Rachel Tracey for putting this article together. Follow Rachel on Instagram for more inspiration. Check out some more of our lockdown posts here.

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