New Capezio pointe shoes

capezio pointe shoes

I heard a rumour that Dance World got new pointes in! It’s no rumour gals…Capezio pointe shoes have landed in Dance World and our fitters have started trying them at all pointe shoe fittings already.

At Dance World, we like to keep our pointe shoe collection fresh and up to date. We regularly review our selection and add new shoes if we find a foot type we have nothing to suit yet. Over the last year, we have been hardcore searching for some fresh pointe shoe meat and we may just have found your new pointe shoe soulmate.

Meet the new recruits

First up is the Ava. The Ava has a wider, flat box with a wide platform. Like other Capezio pointe shoes, the sides and heel is cut quite low to give you a nice line. I absolutely love how Capezio lines their shoes with microfibre lining. This gives you a little extra grip and stops the shoes sliding. A handy, removable gel pad on the inside of the platform alleviates toe pressure and that sturdy shank will still break in the perfect spot to allow you to get right over on that box. This shoe will best fit a foot with a medium to wide forefoot and with toes of even length.

Our second new recruit is the Kylee. Kylee has some similarities to the Ava. Those low flattering heels and side, the microfibre grip lining, the pressure-relieving gel toe pad and the wide sturdy platform are all shared. But Kylee’s got her own personality too! This is a slightly more tapered shoe and it’s pre-arched too, which is going to push you right up on to that platform where you belong! The shank of the Kylee allows for greater flexibility at the ball of the foot meaning you can articulate your metatarsals really nicely and roll through demi-pointe. The Kylee will be a fab beginner shoe and will help you build strength correctly.

new pointe shoes

Some important tips to remember when coming to try these new Capezio pointe shoes:

  1. Don’t forget to make an appointment! We are so busy and we want to be sure to give you the time you need to get the perfect pair. Please remember to book your pointe shoe fitting.
  2. Bring a mask for all fittings! We’re committed to keeping our staff and you, our lovely dancers, safe at all times. All dancers must now wear masks during pointe shoe fittings and our fitters will be wearing PPE.
  3. Bring your toe pads and spacers and anything else you usually wear. We want to fit you accurately. This is more important now than ever before. We know lots of you are doing classes at home so we need to make sure that your pointe shoes fit you right to keep you safe from unnecessary injury.

If you want to make an appointment to have pointe shoes fitted you can do so here. We’re looking forward to your fitting.

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