Mix and match your dance looks: Quarantine

mix and match your dance looks

Stuck at home with your same-old dance wardrobe? Getting tired of wearing the same leotard to every online class? Are you doing loads of videos and shoots for social media and getting tired of seeing the same outfit combos day-in-day-out? Not to worry! I’m sure you’ve got lots of fab dancewear, you just need to look at what you’ve got a bit differently. I’ve put together a few hints for how to mix and match your dance looks and make your quarantine dance wardrobe work for you!

Step 1. Categorize the items

Pull everything out of the wardrobe. Put all the leotards in one pile, shoes all lined up on the floor, skirts with skirts, shorts with shorts and so on. I bet you’re gonna find so many bits you totally forgot about. This is going to be a voyage of rediscovery as well!  

Step 2. Lay out all of your separated dancewear

Take each pile and spread everything out on the floor or on your bed. Shoes, tights, everything…you need to see what you’re working with. Start to think about things like styles, colour, cut; what do you already think is going to look good together? This will also help make clear what might be missing from your dancewear collection. Are all of your leotards the same style? Maybe you need to try something different. Only got one skirt? Look at what else is out there…you might just fall in love. Do you only wear ballet pink tights? Time to mix it up pal; try some stirrup, tan or even . . . black! (gasp!)

You’ve most likely got a tonne of time on your hands all of a sudden. Use that time to research new dancewear. Dance World Online is still dispatching orders, so if you’re thinking that that outfit would go great with tap shoes…why wait to find out? Order those taps today and you’ll be Fred Astaire by the end of this quarantine

Step 3. Start trying on clothes

This is a simple step. Put on one a leotard and try on every single other item with it. This way you’ll see what works and what doesn’t. Some colours are gonna clash but you might find that a particular cut of skirt or shorts works no matter the colour. 

Whatever your quarantine looks like. You’ve got the perfect opportunity to cleanse your dance wardrobe of all the pairs of tights with holes in them and to finally say farewell to the ratty skirts you haven’t worn for two years. Redirecting some of your creative energy into mixing and matching your dance looks might lead to something that inspires you.  

Step 4. Try new combinations 

This is the time to try outfits you’d usually steer away from. There’s time to spare right now so why not try some crazy combos. If you never wear shorts…try them now! Don’t like tights over leotards…now’s the time to risk it, my friend! 

Let us know if you found any fab outfit combos while doing the “mix and match your dance looks”. Tag us on Instagram if you’ve got something inspirational to share. Right now we are all looking to connect and stay in touch. The dance community is strong, let us know you’re there!

Think outside the box

  • Try matching tall legwarmers with a bright coloured leotard for a striking colour-pop look.
  • Why not match your leotard/unitard/ensemble to the background of your next photo. Is the wall in your garden a good colour? Try and find items to match those colours and relocate your photoshoots to get some matchy-matchy shots. 
  • Have a leotard or costume that looks like a costume from a movie? Why not dress yourself up, do hair and makeup too and do a homage video or photo? 
  • Crack open your non-dance wardrobe and get some inspiration. Maybe you’ve got an adorable mini-dress or a top that would go perfectly with one of your leotards? 
  • Got old costumes? Dig them out and dust them off. 

Kick the quarantine blues

It’s a crazy time right now. Nobody quite knows how to react or what to do for the best. One thing we all know is that we need to keep busy to stop ourselves from getting cabin fever! At Dance World, we are trying to use the opportunity to invest our time creatively. Lots of our staff members and ambassadors are professional dancers and they are active on social media dancing and keeping their spirits up. There are so many online virtual dance and yoga classes to try out. Let’s face it, we all have the time to spare!

For as long as we can, the staff at Dance World Online will continue dispatching orders. Our ability to get to work varies day by day so bear with us on delays. We’ll let you know when we can no longer get to our dispatch centre. But, for now, we’re still doing our best to send emergency dancewear to all of you lovely dancers. We hope you order something fab to mix and match with for your next virtual dance class! Stay safe and keep dancing!

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