How to dye your pointe shoes

Pointe paint: the clean and easy way to dye and mattify your shoes

Want to dye your pointe shoes? It’s never been easier! Pointe Paint provides a convenient, clean and effortless way to dye (and matte!) your fabric shoes, including pointe shoes and canvas ballet shoes. Pointe Paint is easy-to-use and contains water-based pigments. Whether you’re painting your shoes to match your skin tone or for a costume, Pointe Paint can help you get the exact colour you want easily.

How to paint pointe shoes – step by step

Step 1 – Prep your painting area

Pointe Paint can be a bit messy, so make sure to cover your area with papers or cloth. Make sure your clothes are protected too or you may just end up with some interesting paint splotches on your jeans not just dye on your pointe shoes.

colour pointe shoes

Step 2 – Shake the bottle of Pointe Paint well.

You want the paint to be even on your shoes so make sure you shake the paint bottle to mix the paint thoroughly before you start.

don't forget to shake the bottle when dyeing your pointe shoes with Pointe paint

Step 3 – Start painting

The Pointe Paint bottle is designed with a sponge applicator that will fill with paint when you press down on it. You can then squeeze the paint onto the shoe with the sponge to minimize mess. Start from the top and move down the shoe. Apply the paint using the sponge to the entire shoe before starting a second layer.

dye your pointe shoes with Pointe paint and get the perfect shade

Step 4 – Just keep painting

Satin, and pointe shoes, in general, are very absorbent so the paint will soak into the shoe quickly. You may need to paint several layers to get the desired colour. Do one entire layer first, leave the shoe to dry for a while and then add more layers as needed.

colour pointe shoes
dyeing your pointe shoes has never been easier with Pointe paint
dye your pointe shoes any colour you like with Pointe paint
dye your pointe shoes to match your 
skin tone with Pointe paint

Step 5 – Ribbons

Don’t forget to colour your ribbons too! This is even easier than painting the shoes. Slide the sponge applicator from top to bottom a few times. You may only need to do it on one side, depending on the desired colour.

the applicator sponge makes it neat and easy to dye your pointe shoes with Pointe paint
dye your pointe shoes and don't forget your pointe shoe ribbons with Pointe paint

Step 6 – Let it dry

Usually, one bottle of Pointe Paint will colour one pair of pointe shoes and one set of ribbons. This will depend on pointe shoe size and how much paint you use. Painting accurately may take a little bit of practice too so for first-time pointe shoe artists we recommend getting 2 bottles so you will have some spare paint to practice with.

dye your pointe shoes to match your skin tone with Pointe paint
dye your pointe shoes with Pointe paint

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