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Dazed and confused over the selection of ballet dance tights? Convertible, footless, stirrup, fishnet…the list goes on and on…Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t know what you’re looking for? Dance tights vs regular tights…what’s the verdict? At Dance World, if we know anything, it’s dance tights! Here are the answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

Let’s cover the basics…

What types of tights do you sell?

At Dance World, we stock several brands, colours and styles of tights. We stock both seamed and seamless fully footed tights. We also have convertible, footless, fishnet and stirrup tights. Our tights are available in a variety of finishes too, we know that you just can’t beat that shimmer on stage!

What brands of tights do you sell?

We stock tights from So Danca, Danskin, Début, Capezio and Mondor. Dance World has a wide selection of tights on offer because we have spent years creating a collection of dance tights that we are confident in. It’s great to stock several different brands because some brands are better at certain things than others. The best men’s tights are made by Capezio but we find that So Danca has the softest microfibre, perfect for children’s ballet tights. The strongest fishnets on planet Earth are made by Danskin…you honestly could actually use them to go fishing with!

What colours do the different styles come in?

Most of our tights are available in a selection of colours. Our convertible dance ballet tights are available in Black, Pink, Tan and Mocha. Some others are available in differing shades of tan. Have a look at the individual styles or visit us in-store to find your perfect match.

There are so many types of dance tights waiting to be discovered…convertible, stirrup, fishnet

What are convertible dance tights?

Convertible ballet dance tights give you the best of both worlds. Convertible tights are fully footed tights with a hole cut out of the ball of the foot. This allows you to roll the foot of the tights up and over the ankle and convert your tights into footless. We often call them pointe tights or toe tights. This is because they are so handy for pointe dancers who need to adjust toe padding, tape and other accessories during class or rehearsals. They are the perfect ballet dance tights.

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How are stirrup tights different from footless tights?

A pair of footless tights are like a pair of leggings. They cover your legs from waist to ankle and stop there. Stirrup tights are almost identical except for the little stirrup that sits under the arch of your foot. You might wear stirrup tights to give you a little more coverage than footless but when you still want that barefoot look.

Do you sell men’s tights?

Yes. Our men’s tights are made by Capezio. They are available in black and white. Black and white are the colours of ballet dance tights most commonly worn for examination and performance.

Which to choose?

What are the most popular ballet dance tights?

The tights most commonly used by ballet dancers in Ireland are convertible dance tights. The freedom to be able to wear them footless or footed is great. Convertible dance tights are available in a wide range of colours and are used for jazz, modern, ballroom and many other dance styles.

What tights are best for stage shows?

This depends on personal preference. This can also depend on whether you are part of a team or ensemble that are all wearing the same style and colour. We find that a shimmery tight or a fishnet tight tends to look great on stage, under the lights but it’s really up to you. Our Danskin Ultra-Shimmer 1331 style offers great support and coverage if you feel a bit exposed up there. So Danca’s professional fishnets in both Black and Tan are also really flattering.

What are fishnet tights for?

Fishnet tights are brilliant for several types of dance. They look great on stage under the lights so they are popular for Strictly shows, for musicals, for drag shows and for circus performers. Danskin’s professional fishnets are super strong and are available up to extra long.

Handy Tips & Tricks

Ahh, I’ve ripped my tights…

Why do my dance tights keep ripping?

Dance tights can be more expensive than normal run-of-the-mill tights. That said, however, your dance tights should be lasting a lot longer than tights bought in Penneys or Dunnes. It is important to take care of your tights. This includes putting them on with care, removing with care and washing them as per the instructions. Tights snag easily on uneven floors and on jagged nails, so watch out for that too. The question of dance tights vs regular tights can be a toughie.

How can I stop my tights from ripping so quickly?

If you wear your tights for floor work try to ensure that the floor is clean and there are no uneven or jagged pieces of floor that you could catch tights on. Keep your toe and fingernails neat to prevent snags. Wash your dance tights very gently and store them carefully where they will not catch on anything rough that might rip them. The zips of your dance bag could be enemy number one here.

My tights keep ripping when I put them on. How can I stop this since they are expensive?

There could be a few solutions to this problem. First, make sure you’re wearing the right size tights. If you pull too hard on tights that are just too small, you’ll tear them every time!
However, the biggest cause of ripping tights is people not putting them on properly! This might sound odd but it’s true! To put on a pair of dance tights correctly you should do so one leg at a time. Gather one leg of the tights up in your hand untill you reach the toe area of the tights. Put your foot into the tights and pull the tights slowly up your leg. While you pull the tights over your legs keep some tension in your grip on the tights.
You want to pull from the foot and not from the waistband. If you pull from the toe and relaese slack as you go you’ll pull the tights up properly and likely have no loose wrinkles or rips. If you pull from the waistband you’ll still have to adjust wrinkles on the legs and pull the tights up more, this is what leads to most rips.

How to care for dance tights?

I have a teeny rip in my dance tights, can I stop it from growing into a huge ladder?

Yes. Grab some clear nail polish and paint a layer over the entire hole inside and out. This should halt the hole from expanding. Be extra careful when pulling these tights up and on in future.

How should I wash my dance tights?

You should either handwash tights in warm soapy water or if you want to wash them in a machine, do so on a gentle cool cycle.
Make sure to always wash tights only with similar colours. You always think that because you’re washing them cold you can sneak in that red leotard…don’t do it, it’s not worth the tears!
Don’t put dance tights in the dryer, you will prolong the life of tights by air drying.

The biggest question…Dance tights vs regular tights…are they really worth the money?

In a word…YES! It may seem crazy to cough up €17 for a pair of shimmery tan tights that you could get in Penneys for a fraction of the cost but there’s a reason that pro dancers don’t buy their tights in Penneys. At age 27 I am still in possession of some pairs of convertible tights that I bought at 16. If you care for your dance tights properly, they last. Sure they’ll thin a bit with time and a million washes, and they’ll go missing and come back with holes if you give them to your sisters. But if you wash them right and don’t snag them a pair of dance tights can be an investment, not a one-off treat.

Have you got more tights-related questions? Check out our FAQ page for further information.

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