Lockdown 101: The Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga are long-lasting and extremely positive

Our number 1 suggestion during this time of uncertainty and anxiety is to grab a yoga mat and start brushing up on those yoga poses. The benefits of yoga are long-lasting and extremely positive. Are you ready to join us in some yoga practice today?

Life can be unpredictable. Things change all the time. Days are busy and it can be a scramble to get everything done. This year we were hit with something pretty unexpected; a global pandemic! Now our lives are crazy in a whole new way. Everyone is adjusting to the “new normality” of countrywide lockdown. We’re all struggling in different ways during this uncertain time. Some of us are in isolation all alone. Others are trying to entertain small kids while continuing to work from home. Some of us are part of the essential frontline workers group and are still out and about every day keeping our cities moving.

This is an uncertain and unsettling time. Nobody knows for how long this will last. None of us knows how long more we will be separated from our loved ones. For many of us, life feels a little (or a lot) out of control! One thing we can control right now is how we choose to spend this time that has been given to us. 

Can yoga benefit you during this pandemic?

One marvellous suggestion for how to spend your quarantine time is in yoga practice. Did you know that yoga mats were one of the most purchased products in China during their quarantine period? We’ve noticed a similar pattern emerging at Dance World Online. It’s obvious why, when you think about it. There are so many benefits associated with yoga practice, and now we all have time to try it for ourselves! Dance World Online is still dispatching orders for the time being and we are absolutely flying out of yoga mats! We are ready to help you get through this pandemic calmly and lovingly. 

Why should I incorporate yoga into my workout?

Practising yoga can help you control your mind and your body. Yoga poses fuse physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful state of being. Yoga exercises can help you to manage stress while building on flexibility, muscle tone and strength. During yoga practice, you learn to be mindful and conscious of your breath and your thought processes. You will learn yoga positions that increase flexibility and balance. Yoga is brilliant for dancers too. There are so many benefits of yoga practice.

It’s extremely easy to start doing yoga. All you really need is yourself and a bit of free time. It’s a brilliant excuse to take 30 minutes for yourself at the start or the end of the day. Use the time to check in with your mind and body. How are you feeling? Does your body hurt? Are you sitting down all day and have an achy lower back? What are you thinking? Is your mind racing all day long with worries and anxieties? Are you tired? STOP! BREATHE! Yoga does not need to be about hitting those Insta-perfect yoga poses. Yoga is less about fitness and more about mental awareness and well being.

That said, however, yoga is a great way to keep up flexibility and muscle strength. If you are a dancer or performer you should 100% be jumping on the yoga bandwagon. There are so many correlations between yoga and dance and as such SO many benefits of yoga for dancers.

Jade yoga matt

Where to get a Yoga mat?

Our favourite mat for yoga practice is the Harmony mat by Jade. When we were sent home at the start of the lockdown, so many of our staff members bought Jade yoga mats. It was the perfect treat-yo-self situation and there was a great discussion in the staff WhatsApp group about what colours and lengths everyone was getting! (If you hadn’t noticed…We really love working at Dance World!)

The Jade Harmony mat is everything you would want in a yoga mat – great colours, incredible grip, exceptional comfort and eco-friendly. Jade mats are made in a sustainable manner with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource. Unlike other mats, Jade mats contain no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber. They are made in the United States in compliance with all US environmental, labour and consumer protection laws. The Harmony mat provides great traction and cushioning while still providing stability for standing poses.

Buy a Jade yoga mat here.

During yoga practice you learn to be mindful and conscious of your breath

How can I start yoga if no classes are running?

You may not be able to physically walk into a yoga studio and take a class at the moment. But you can still benefit from yoga at home. Much like the rest of us, the world of Yoga is active online. There are so many brilliant teachers leading practices on Zoom, Instagram and Facebook. You can even learn the basic yoga poses online. There is so much free yoga content online so if money is a bit tight have a browse on YouTube. If you normally attend a class that has been cancelled due to the lockdown, contact your teacher and find out if they’re running classes on zoom or Instagram live. Many studios are still providing regular content. Some of them are charging a small fee for classes, but if you have a few bob to spare, why not support a local business?

Need some suggestions?

  • Try @forest.yoga. Simone Walsh, a local Dublin yoga teacher, is running weekly live yoga classes using Zoom Cloud Meetings “to keep everyone’s mind and body healthy at this time.” Message her to book your spot. Honestly, do it! You’ll be thanking us later!
  • Meet Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and try one of her 30-day challenges. All of her content is totally free and carefully planned. She has built up a huge number of different pre-recorded yoga practices. Whether you want something slow and meditative, a deep stretch or just to learn some more complicated yoga poses; Adriene has your back.
  • Joga Yoga (also a native Irish yoga teacher) has some great yoga classes for kids and families. They’re doing live classes on Facebook so join them for a little break one of these days.

Looking for a yoga mat to ship in Ireland? Order yours at Dance World Online today. In the market for some lovely yoga gear to wear while you practice? Check out our stunning activewear collections today. Remember Dance World Online is still shipping orders at this time!

We hope you try out a bit of yoga during this time of lockdown. Remember to take care of yourself always and be sensible. It’s not a good idea to practice yoga on a concrete floor with no protection. Be sensible if you have or are recovering from an injury. Be mindful if you are pregnant or have other underlying conditions. Do not attempt to use yoga as a holistic treatment in lieu of seeing a medical practitioner if you need one.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, mind yourself and mind others. And don’t forget to disinfect your yoga mat after each practice!

Many thanks to our fantastic model and Yoga teacher Nicole Kidd. Follow Nicole and get lots more yoga inspiration at @thedancingveganista

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