3 Types of Pointe Shoe Ribbons

We all know that we need to sew ribbons or elastic onto pointe shoes to keep them secure. But what type of ribbons are best? Should I stick with traditional satin pointe shoe ribbon or try an elastic stretch satin ribbon? What is a tendonitis ribbon and how does it work? We’re here to answer your pointe shoe ribbon questions.

Types of pointe shoe ribbons:

1. Satin Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Pointe shoes satin ribbon

Traditionally, pointe shoe ribbon is made of a matt satin. You want it to match the colour of the satin of your pointe shoe as closely as possible. Dance World sells pre-cut professional, single-faced matt satin pointe shoe ribbon online and in stores. For instructions on how to sew pointe shoe ribbons see our sewing post.

2. Elastic/Stretch Satin Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Stretch satin ribbon

This professional pre-cut single-faced elastic pointe shoe ribbon allows for the natural flexion, movement and extension of your ankle and heel. It also allows you to transition from plié to pointe with minimal constriction and no bagginess. Stretch satin relieves unnecessary stress on the Achilles tendon because the ankle and heel can flex and extend easily. Available in stores and on Dance World Online. For more info on how to attach and tie elastic ribbon see our blog post all about it.

3. Flexer Tendonitis Ribbon

Flexers - pointe shoe ribbon

Tendonitis ribbons have panels of elastic pre-sewn into the ribbon itself.  The idea is that the section of elastic will sit on your Achilles tendon and will stretch and flex more naturally than a traditional satin ribbon would.  The give of the elastic alleviates pressure on your tendon and prevents potential damage. Tendonitis ribbons are a great invention and you can really feel the difference.  Dance World offers the Bunheads flexers. When sewing tendonitis ribbons onto pointe shoes you will have to check the positioning very carefully before sewing. You need to ensure that the section of elastic will hit the back of your heel. 

Flexer Sewing Tips

To do this, first put your pointe shoes on, then position the elastic correctly on your heel.  Next, bring the ribbon around in front of the ankle (making almost a full ring around your ankle) and slot the ribbon in between your foot and the pointe shoe right at the highest point of your arch.  Mark this position with a pencil and pin the ribbon to the inside of the shoe to hold the position. Sew as per instructions in our post about sewing pointe shoe ribbons.

For more info about pointe shoes check out our related blog posts and shop pointe shoe ribbons and accessories online and in stores now.

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