pointe paint 16/12/2020
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How to dye your pointe shoes

Want to dye your pointe shoes? It’s never been easier! Pointe Paint provides a convenient, clean and effortless way to dye (and matte!) your fabric shoes, including pointe shoes and canvas ballet shoes. Pointe Paint is easy-to-use and contains water-based pigments. Whether you’re painting your shoes to match your skin tone or for a costume, Pointe Paint can help you get the exact colour you want easily. How to paint pointe shoes – step by step Step 1 – Prep your painting area Pointe Paint can be a bit messy,... Read More

yoga mat cleaning spray 13/10/2020
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Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

We’re all cleaning our hands a million times a day to beat Corona, but are we washing our yoga mats? Lucky for you, Dance World has just started stocking some amazing Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray. This spray is exactly what the doctor ordered and will keep your yoga mat fresh and clean. There's also a sneaky DIY yoga mat cleaning spray recipe in here!

Bloch face masks 11/09/2020
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Bloch Face Masks

Phone, wallet, keys, mask...the latest addition to the everyday essentials checklist. Face masks help stop the spread of COVID-19 and are helping us all to get back out there. We’ve got a fab new collection of high quality, breathable Bloch face masks that we can’t wait to share with you.