Membership is free and available to all customers with an account who purchase goods online. Once you make a purchase you will automatically be enrolled in DanceClub.

Your points are also automatically alocated to your account. You can check your points at all times by logging in to your accoount by entering your e-mail address and password on the home page.

New layer...

As an online account custumer, for every euro (€) you spend you will receive 1 DancePoint. For example, if you buy a pair of Bloch Sneakers at €80.00, you will receive  80 DancePoints. These points can then be converted into discounts off future purchases.

'DanceClub' is the Dance World online loyalty reward scheme. We will reward you with 'DancePoints' when
you purchase any item online.

Once you have points available to use, you can check individual product discounts and the number of points required to obtain that discount by clicking on that product in the online store.